A Different Kind of New Year’s Eve

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I’m getting ready to hunker down for my annual New Year’s Eve reflection activities and thought I’d share my agenda with you — just in case you are looking for something “different” to do this year. It’s an evening I spend with my journal, sketch pads, candles, card decks, music, prayers, intentions, and dreams. It’s a time to let go of another year — releasing what did not honor or serve my highest good — and to hone in on the gratitude for what did — and then embracing a whole new cadre of possibilities with clarity and resolve for honoring my highest potential in the new year. I love New Year’s Eve night for this very reason.

New Year’s Eve Reflection Rituals from the Pinwheel Girl ~~ December 31, 2013

“…letting go so the new path may unfold…”

Meditation Walk with Camera  If the winter weather is cooperative I like start out by going for an afternoon outdoor walk and see what I can see with my camera. Usually there is some enlightenment waiting for me there that takes my breath away and creates an opening for me to walk through.

Music and Candle Lighting — “Rhiannon” & “Belladonna” by Stevie Nicks — These are very empowering songs for me – both are about female strength, letting go, moving on, but doing so with clarity and without regret. I use these to set the tone and get me feeling strong for what I have to do.

Goddess Reading — Energy for Gratitude & Openness — I always do a goddess card reading on this special night by pulling three cards. One each for past, present and future. Then, I study the three goddesses I have received for each, learning which energy I have to tap into for my near future, what I would need from her to “let go.”

Goddess Energies for the NewYear

Goddess Energies for the NewYear

Journal Activity ~ Gratitude Entry: Successes of the Year

Mind, Body, Spirit

Family, Parenting, Relationships

Home & Environment

Creativity & Expression

Explorations & Discoveries

Business & Money

Here I write in my 2013 journal about all of the above topics – scribbling as fast as I can whatever thoughts that come…what went well, what worked, what I loved and what I was grateful for in these areas. I don’t want to focus only on what I have to get rid of.

Transition Meditation — Ode to Hecate: Goddess of Darkness & Transitions — Altar Symbols:  Key, Knife, Rope, Torch

“Goddess of the Night” by Thomas Moore (reading)

“Mother/Somebody Leave the Light On” by Tori Amos (music)

Here I really focus on the act of letting go and on leaving the darkness behind. In the song “Belladonna” that I start my rituals with, Stevie Nicks sings “come in out of the darkness, my belladonna (pretty lady)” – I love when she sings that as it is so comforting…she creates the portal for me to leave all the darkness, and what has not served my well-being, behind.

Ode to Hecate

Ode to Hecate

In the past I have written a long, long journal entry to Hecate, the greek goddess of transition, at this point in my evening. She is every woman’s companion in the dark. She lights the way but she is full of the thick, awful despairing energy you have to get through. To help you she uses a key to open or close things for you, she uses a knife to cut through things, she uses a rope to tie things up, and she uses the torch to light the path. She leaves you with so much wisdom — but you hate her for it. So I usually write her a letter and ask her to go help some other women now, and I tell that I am done with crying even though I know she will make me cry some more and again, soon, but that I want to let go, and receive more Light. I ask her to leave me and I dismantle the altar I have made for her. But I thank her. I thank her for everything she has taught me and then I ask her to leave and to take with her all the sadness and any regret or pain.

Then I play a very favorite song, by Tori Amos, called “Mother.” It is about a young girl coming of age. She sings “Somebody leave the light on…so I can remember where I come from…” And then I say goodbye to Hecate, for awhile.

Journal Activity ~ Gratitude Entry:  Lessons Learned — Letting Go, Endings, Grief & Forgiveness

More journal writing — scribbles and lists — of what I have let go of, what I need to end or have ended, unresolved grief, who and what I need to forgive. Did I forgive? Why not? What is left that is still undone? And all that muck. I get it out. I write it all down. Lessons learned.

Healing Meditation — Rock Altar: Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Jade

Here I light some candles on a glass tray which I cover with all of these healing stones. Turquoise (universal healing stone), rose quartz (for love and comfort), and jade (for new dreams) and I just try to relax and breathe and basically focus on empowerment and extraordinary authenticity. Extraordinary Authenticity.

Healing Stones

Healing Stones

New Year’s Eve Celebration Meal — Gratitude Prayer & Pink Roses

In this part I say a prayer of thanks for my strong, strong heart and spirit, and for my capacity to feel. I have pink roses on my table, as they are the symbol of St. Therese, who is my patron and who cares for people like me. And then I have a simple meal – cheese and crackers, fruit, nuts, veggies and dip, and some champagne. By now it is midnight and time to ring in the new year with my own set of bells and chimes.

May you all have a wonderful evening celebrating in whatever way is best for you. I hope that 2014 brings each of you all the truly good things in life and love.

Happy New Year!


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