I live outside Chicago with my young son, where we both spend lots of time drawing, writing, singing, dancing and creating. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education and am an award-winning school administrator for young children.

I have used symbolic sight and poetic metaphor since early childhood when my love for the mystical truly began.

Some of my happiest memories of my early life are of taking long walks through the meadows and farm fields that surrounded my childhood home, collecting all sorts of nature’s tiniest treasures, and then pasting them into my journals, diaries and scrapbooks. Each feather, leaf, pressed flower, seed pod, etc., would receive an accompanying musing, observation or conclusion about its broader message and purpose in my life and in the Universe.

Kendra Kett ~ the Pinwheel Girl

Kendra Kett ~ the Pinwheel Girl

I’ve always been a contemplative writer.

I also enjoyed sketching, drawing, coloring and crafting as a child. Later I would transfer this style of thought and writing into my work with the Pinwheel Girls.

At the age of four, I recall harnessing the strength of empowerment when I was hospitalized for, and survived, a life-threatening illness that had killed a prior generation of women in my family. It was then that I intuitively learned about the vibrancy of my spirit and my innately strong will to live. It was also when I learned we are all responsible for our own life’s purpose.

As is often the case with so many girls and women, I got sidetracked and detoured as I grew older and as a result I found myself moving farther and farther away from my authentic self. There were many more lessons to come that were critical to other aspects of my spiritual and physical survival.

I consider myself a survivor of not just serious illness but also:

■ the numbing routinization of life
■ the dull ache of abandoned dreams
■ the sorrowful errors of youth
■ the blind following of rules and scripts, and
■ the regrets that come with not knowing.

I was first inspired to create the Pinwheel Girls by a line in one of my poems. They were also inspired by actual pinwheels and by the wind. In a poem I described myself as a “pinwheel girl” twirling in the sun “on her way to nowhere.” Like a pinwheel I was stuck to the earth by a long, unyielding stick. My four limbs, like the parts of the pinwheel, were pinned to that stick, unexpressive most of my waking life. Spinning like a pinwheel, I felt out of control in a dizzying state of lifelessness.

A mid-life transition and a series of magical coincidences—animal encounters, recurring dreams, the appearance of signs and symbols, chance meetings with helpful individuals, and more—allowed me to become, literally, unstuck and an unfolding began. I wanted to draw what I was experiencing and see what would happen. The first Pinwheel Girl was born. Naturally, she was twirling…

The first Pinwheel Girl illustration

The first Pinwheel Girl illustration

I created the Pinwheel Girls for every woman who knows how it feels to pretend to be less than you are.

The Pinwheel Girls are also for women who:

■ enjoy self-reflection
■ love the thrill of empowerment as they embark on something new
■ wish to achieve a deeply hidden or newly awakened dream
■ are in a transition, especially a painful or confusing one
■ want to make a change and seek inspiration for this
■ need recovery or want to reclaim parts of themselves
■ are facing illness, betrayal, divorce, empty nests or any type of loss
■ love the feminine spirit of strength, resolve, and freedom.

a later illustration of the Pinwheel Girl showing her evolved form

a later illustration of the Pinwheel Girl showing her evolved form

Interests and Dispositions

I’m fast paced, a dreamer, highly verbal, energetic, and poetic. I ask a lot of questions and most importantly, I’m highly sensitive, which I consider my greatest gift. My sensitivity allows me to see and hear what others may miss and to speak for those who can’t.

I’m a voracious reader and love collecting books that have deeply touched my spirit and added dimension to my life. I love anything to do with art, museums, galleries, architecture, music, theater, expression, photography, writing, drawing, painting—anything that celebrates human creativity.

I feel that art and music are universal conduits to healing, inspiration, and enlightenment.

I collect all sorts of things: rocks, feathers, nests, keys, locks, acorns, and more, and love to investigate the symbolic and spiritual meanings of common everyday items like these. When I find a feather, I can’t resist picking it up and being reminded of freedom, flight, song, and the grounded spirituality they symbolize as messengers between heaven and earth. Feathers are also the Universal symbol of Truth so when I find one I’m always invited to examine the truths of my life. Currently, I am fascinated with windmills which I call giant pinwheels in the sky.

All of the items in my various collections are very precious to me. They represent moments in time when a doorway appeared, when a moment of profound clarity occurred, or when I felt comforted by, cheered on, or completely connected to the Universe.

To me, the little objects I find and adore like this are love letters to me from the Universe.

Feathers, eggs, nests represent freedom, creativity, and belonging

Feathers, eggs, nests represent freedom, creativity, and belonging

I’ve always been an observer, and astute and intuitive about people’s hearts by listening carefully to what is unsaid and by learning to see the unseen. I also love to use my big, big heart to help others by employing my unique brand of empowerment to comfort and inspire them to find deep meaning in everyday life.

There is much duality in life: light and dark, success and failure, concealment and openness, contentment and adventure, closeness and distance, and more. This duality can create equal parts joy and empowerment with sorrow and confusion. I happen to think that this duality is what makes us interesting, whole, and multi-layered. It’s what gives us character and what creates meaning in our lives.

In choosing to honor the whole emotional spectrum, my goal is to offer compassion to others when they are struggling with the difficult aspects of duality. I believe in offering people grace and dignity at all times, even when they are miserably failing, and especially when they are grappling with struggles of the heart and spirit.

Life is precious and life is short. So we’ve all got to help one another be true to ourselves. Sending blue skies and warm winds to you!

...I'll meet you in the sky...where your dreams reside...

...I'll meet you in the sky...where your dreams reside...