The mission of the Pinwheel Girls is to  empower women to be true to themselves, live the life they love and want, and pursue their dreams fearlessly. 

The Pinwheel Girl Ascends "...victory is yours for the taking..."

The Pinwheel Girl Ascends "...victory is yours for the taking..."

 Through fluid poses, the Pinwheel Girls tell the story of

  • going inside
  • unfolding
  • surfacing
  • expanding
  • ascending
  • coming back down
  • sharing visions

as they chronicle profound personal change with poetic affirmations known as Messages from the Wind.  These messages are delivered during seven stages of transformation featured in the 258-page book, The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight ~ Every Woman’s Journey through Seven Stages of Transformation. 

The Pinwheel Girls encourage women to explore their depths and heights and embrace authenticity by listening to their instincts found in the Wind, a metaphor for the Inner Voice.  Encouraging liberation, the Pinwheel Girls resonate with women who don’t want to be pinned down and stuck anymore.

They tell the story of Every Woman. 

“I could not have received Kendra’s Pinwheel Girls at a better time. My 13 year old son is on the severe end of the autism spectrum, and things were a little chaotic in our lives. I opened The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight, and I immediately felt understood and peaceful. Each phrase and drawing is uplifting and validating. Kendra recognizes the beauty of all women at the core of their being. Her art work and poetry radiate love right from her core. At whatever phase of transformation you may be experiencing, the Pinwheel Girls will warm your soul. Simply beautiful!” ~ Tara McClintick, BooksbyTara, Mason OH


Anatomy of the Pinwheel Girls

Pinwheel Girls are faceless representing all women.  Besides, sometimes we feel faceless when we don’t recognize ourselves.  Their bodies are similar, but some are more full, some more lithe appealing to different shapes and sizes of women.  Pinwheel Girls are feminine:  round, with wide hips, full arms, and pubic hair, but no breasts.  Sometimes women don’t have any breasts. 

Some Pinwheel Girls have hands and feet and some don’t because sometimes we lose our grasp and our footing.  With one leg grounded, she connects to Earth, but isn’t stuck to it.  Some Pinwheel Girls take leaps and fly.  That is necessary, too, for a fully-lived life.

Some Pinwheel Girls have hair and some are bald.  Hair is a sign of strength and when a woman changes her appearance, such as her hairstyle, it can signal internal changes occurring within her or impending changes that have not yet arrived.

The Pinwheel Girls are nude; their natural way of being.  You must get under your skin to heal, transform and empower yourself.  When she jumps off the stick, she births herself.  So, check out her belly button.  That’s the nail hole.

The Pinwheel Girl Shares Her Visions ~ " are the unlocking your own potential..."

The Pinwheel Girl Shares Her Visions " are the key to unlocking your own potential..."


In a poem Kendra Kett described herself as a “pinwheel girl” twirling in the sun “on her way to nowhere.”  Like a pinwheel, she was stuck to Earth by a long, unyielding stick. Her four limbs, like pinwheel parts, were pinned to that stick, unexpressive most of her waking life.  But a mid-life transition and a series of magical coincidences allowed her to become unstuck and a literal unfolding began.  Kendra drew what she was experiencing and the first Pinwheel Girl was born.  Naturally, she was twirling.  Learn more about Kendra Kett and the history of the Pinwheel Girls here.



“There are times in every woman’s life when change and transformation are necessary for complete happiness. Sometimes the issues result in very serious transformations and are obvious; other times, changes are only known to our inner selves. Whichever the case, the Pinwheel Girls illustrate the necessary process. All women need to go inside and observe , then take steps for liberation from the usual day to day drama and fear. ” ~ Joleen Patton, School Administrator, Quincy IL

Seven Stages

Using illustration and affirmations, the Pinwheel Girls take women on a journey through seven stages of transformation.

Stage 1 – The Pinwheel Girl Goes Inside (black) – hope arising from despair The Pinwheel Girl has jumped off the stick that held her down. She goes inside herself to confront her past choices. Darkness, confusion, loneliness, ache, deadening, and questions seemingly without answers all characterize the Pinwheel Girl’s postures in this stage. Black is the color of the night and represents a stage of unknowing but in the dark we will find we are about to go somewhere new, about to learn, see, and discover something of immense value. 

Stage 2 – The Pinwheel Girl Unfolds (red) – strength, momentum, emergence
Here the Pinwheel Girl reclaims her self-esteem and an emergence of the new. She feels a powerful life force and an infantile boldness that invigorates her. She begins to point things out as she unfolds. She is still alone in her solitude, surviving on the growing hope that answers will appear. Red is the color of the “river of birth” and all things pulsing with the blood of life. In this stage, the Pinwheel Girl births herself.

Stage 3 – The Pinwheel Girl Surfaces (white) – purity, observation, repose The Pinwheel Girl steps out in Stage 3. She begins to relate to the world again but in a quiet, observant way. She is pure and new. She trusts herself despite still having many questions. She has found her authenticity and this causes her to pause. White is both the color of the new soul and that of nourishing milk which nurses new life.

“We are all going through changes in our life, in one way or another: divorce, menopause, new relationships. The Pinwheel Girls offer guidance and inspiration for the many changes we go through. I use my Pinwheel Girl book daily and each day something I read touches me, makes me think about the changes in my life and helps me to feel better about what is happening in my world.” ~ Lillie Hobson, Stockton CA


Stage 4 – The Pinwheel Girl Expands (yellow) – flexibility, possibility, movement Yellow is the color of movement, growth, and expansion. She is high on the notion that she has survived and is still intact. She is stronger in her broken places but more flexible, pliant, elastic. She can even do the splits and a high kick as a result of all the stretching and expansion she has completed. In this stage the Pinwheel Girl is giddy with new life, new energy, and new possibilities.

Stage 5 – The Pinwheel Girl Ascends (blue) — affirmation, rekindled dreams, familiarity Here the Pinwheel Girl takes her new found energy and expansion and begins an ascent into new heights. Blue is the color of the endless possibilities of the Heavens. It is also the most healing of all the colors. It is in the dreamland of the sky that the Pinwheel Girl finds her most intense affirmations. She is airborne again, not pinned down, but connected her to everything in the Universe.

Stage 6 – The Pinwheel Girl Comes Down (green) – re-entry, awareness, courage In this stage, the Pinwheel Girl realizes she cannot live in her own skyward world all the time. She must learn to enter and exit different realms with ease and awareness and relate to the world once more. She has changed immensely by this time, fully evolved now, and with this realization she returns to the green Earth. Upon landing, her life has changed “in an instant…”

Stage 7 – The Pinwheel Girl Shares Her Visions (violet) – enlightenment, serenity, redemption In Stage 7 the Pinwheel Girl shares all of her knowledge and finds centeredness despite her external circumstances. Violet is the color of enlightenment, spirituality, and cleansing. She has found redemption and the slow ache that once characterized her has subsided. She created her own salvation and has crowned herself free. 

The Pinwheel Girl Ascends ~ " are more than you think you are..."

The Pinwheel Girl Ascends " are more than you think you are..."

The Pinwheel Girl Comes Down ~ "...dare to see what you see..."

The Pinwheel Girl Comes Down "...dare to see what you see..."

The Pinwheel Girl Expands "...sometimes it takes a little stretching..."

The Pinwheel Girl Expands "...sometimes it takes a little stretching..."

Hi Kendra! I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your book. I have really been enjoying it. I love how you describe what a Pinwheel Girl is and how she was created. I had no idea it was so detailed. What a fabulous creation. Such beautiful depth. Thank you so much for such a GIFT. ~ Kayite Ashcraft, Author of Awakening to the Extraordinary YOU!

An empowered woman is a gift to the world!

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Every page of The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is alive with compassion and rich with soulfulness. This book speaks with the voice of wisdom and beauty. Feminine wisdom is the intelligence at the heart of creation. This is truly a remarkable book that will nourish your heart and transform your spirit. This book helped me remember that women have an innate sense of spirituality, an ability to attune to the wisdom within themselves. I could go on extolling its virtues but it will do more good if every woman just takes my advice and reads it. ~ Gena Livings – Lifestyle Modification Coach and Author of The Livings Key Principles


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