All Relationships Serve Us

October 14, 2012 by  

Sometimes we experience relationships that really, really test and try us. We’ve all felt the power of a certain relationship that can bring us to our knees — in awe, in gratitude, in defeat, in humility, in sheer unabashed numbness. These relationships are in our lives to illuminate the dark spaces of our heart that need light. To teach us the lessons we haven’t yet learned — whether those may be of forgiveness, unconditional love, release, non-judgment, or embrace — or of holding on, setting boundaries, saying no, steadfastness, or making a necessary ending. They are designed to keep us engaged in our consciousness.

entanglement is a challenge that can serve us

Relationships that test us and push us to the limit of our humanity transform us. How they transform us is largely decided by how empowered we are.

Accept the challenge.

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