Are You A Pinwheel In Motion? How Much Do You Have Going On?

March 31, 2010 by  

This pinwheel has a lot going on! Look at her spin! Eight mini-pinwheels all in sync spinning furiously in the wind. Isn’t she dazzling, colorful, and glitzy sparkling in the sun in a vibrant sky of blue!

But wait…let’s hope all this spinning is not actually representative of dizzying lifelessness. Sometimes we can take on too much. Sometimes we can become stuck on a stick of endless movement. It all looks good and kind of even feels good because it all seems to work and, like this shiny pinwheel, all the activity becomes mesmerizing

stop spinning and get off the stick

stop spinning and get off the stick

But sometimes, maybe less is more and slower is better.

And maybe stopping for awhile has its merits. Just maybe. Just sometimes. 

Just for today think about what you can let go of and say no to. Where in your life can you stop spinning and get off the stick?

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