Are You Being Shunned?

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When someone you love or care about gives you the Silent Treatment do you spend hours and hours figuring out why and what on earth you must have done to deserve that? Do you worry endlessly, perseverate over & over, and beg them to talk to you?


Shunning someone is always about punishment & control.

hold your head up

Offer ONCE to communicate and talk about what is wrong. Then let it be and carry on. Hold your head up high.

Chin up.


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  1. My best friend went through about 6 weeks of not talking a few months ago. She got mad at something that I said and then didn’t get a chance to explain. I decided that she could call me or not if she got over being mad at me. I was sad but okay with either ending. I was tired of her drama queen acting out. We are now talking but not until after she was in the hospital and had heart surgery did she decide to call me. She told everyone that we both knew not to call me so I didn’t know about the heart attack until about 2 weeks after it happened. We have been friends since about 1993 or 1994. This was our 1st major breakup. OUr major difference is that she does drama and I don’t.

    • says:

      Hi Patricia — these situations are so hard! I have had similar situations where I’ve said something and the other person assigned a lot of dramatic intent onto the statements I made that just weren’t there and just weren’t true, then punished me for it. It was unfair and the other person refused to budge when I apologized multiple times for it (even though her intepretation of what I had said was way, way off) and even after I asked to be forgiven multiple times. I decided I did not want to beg anyone for their friendship and if they needed to end our relationship because they felt I had wronged them, then I concluded that was the ebb and flow of the friendship and how it was meant to be. I will offer to reconcile once but then after that it is up to the other person to come around — when and if they can. Sad but true. Empowerment is about knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Best wishes and many blessings to you on your journey. HUGS!

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