Awareness through Ambi-Doodles

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I want to share a wonderful method with you that I use to both relax and go deep within for a little bit of self-discovery to emerge and come to the surface. I make “Ambi-Doodles” and I learned how to make them from my friend, Janice Masters, who is a Life Coach based in Florida.

The process is great fun, very calming, creative, enlightening — and EASY. You don’t have to be an “artist” at all to make these. They are so simple.  I’ve made three over the last 18 months — whenever I feel like I need to let a little come through, whenever I feel like I need to do something a little “different” to develop my self-awareness, whenever I feel like making a  “discovery.”

It is amazing what has come out of this simple process.  As Jan says “it’s a process that bypasses the rational mind, allowing awareness to emerge.”

Sounds good, right?

Getting started is easy. Here are Jan’s instructions:

  • Position a sheet of paper horizontally in front of you.
  • Take a writing instrument into both hands — pencil, pen, marker, crayon, etc.
  • Take a few breaths to center yourself.
  • Think of a question or issue you’d like clarity on.
  • Then put  your pencils on the paper. Like Jan, I often start in the middle, but do what feels right for you.
  • Move your hands as if you are “dancing with the paper” and allow an Ambi-Doodle to emerge.
  • Fill in your Ambi-Doodle with colors, designs, textures, etc. Jan says she would like to use glitter for one of hers sometime. I would like to do collage for one of mine. The options are limitless!
  • It’s important to allow this to be a pleasant, flowing, personal process. Take your time and relax. Don’t force it.
  • When you are finished, sit quietly with your creation, then get up and step back from it.
  • Ask yourself what message it brings to you about your question/issue.

To see some of Jan’s beautiful and colorful Ambi-Doodles and read more of her thoughts on the Ambi-Doodle process, click here.

I am so often pleasantly surprised, immediately centered, feeling empowered, and aware in a strangely familiar way. I have grown to really love this SIMPLE technique to get to a breakthrough. This process uses both sides of your brain and tosses in a little bit intuition. It is not hard to do this. Because I’m right-handed my left hand is sometimes wobbly but overall it works.

butterfly ambidoodle

So my first Ambi-Doodle came out like a butterfly, sort of, albeit a little disconnected. The butterfly is the universal symbol for transformation. There are also lots of symbols that came out inside the butterfly– crosses/cross roads, stars, flowers, teardrops/rain drops, suns, eggs. It feels like the shapes are very “amoebic” and cellular and that there is something growing inside the butterfly, or, inside the transformation.

The question I asked before starting was “What should I do with my sadness?” I see the butterfly as a symbol of transformation as in “do something creative with the sadness” — hence, the tears are mixed with the suns. I also saw the two sides of the butterfly as “duality” — the left side represented for me a person who comes and goes in my life and never stays for long — so a lot of crossroads there. The right side is me — the tears, the suns, the stars, the fullness of blood pumping through the transformative process – that’s all me.

Jan offered more insight to think about: “I also see heart and lungs…tears of grief being released from the right lung with the sun right in there too to dry them. Strong blessings from the left lung. And both are ‘pregnant’ with new things–what? An abundance of beauty flowering in the heart. All in all, lovely, healing and positive.”

This Ambi-Doodle really helped me open up a blockage. This was a very serene but invigorating activity!

My next Ambi-Doodle was just as fun and just as eye-opening nearly a year later.

heart ambidoodle

I love this Ambi-Doodle because it showed me that the disconnected butterfly from my first experience was now fully whole, integrated, and completely bathed and surrounded in the bask of yellow light. I felt so affirmed and emboldened. The green butterfly wings signified growth and the blue wing represented expansiveness — two things I have always craved and still wanted in my life at the time I made this Ambi-Doodle. The question I had asked was “Who am I right now? What’s happening within?”

This past week I decided to do another one. The process is so easy and quick — yet serene and absorbing. The question I asked was “What do I need right now?” I had been feeling somewhat fragmented, a little “off,” and worrisome about several personal circumstances. I got my sketchpad, sharpies, and colored pencils and began. Imagine my surprise when I made this Ambi-Doodle.

treeambidoodleThis beautiful green tree of an Ambi-Doodle told me to stand tall, and to focus on my steadfastness, my roots and foundation, and my spiritual strength. I loved how the little bits of yellow light were peering through. I loved how full and lush the tree was and how unabashed it was in its expression.  I enjoy the diminutive height of the tree since I am only 5’3″ but that it still had a colorful presence and a powerful ambience. I also felt the Ambi-Doodle was reminding me to stay focused on my growth.

Janice Masters’ Ambi-Doodle technique has been a wonderful spiritual tool for me in my busy day-to-day life — it’s not complicated, it doesn’t take a long time, and the results are somewhat immediate. At the most I’ve spent 45-60 minutes on an Ambi-Doodle — usually towards the end of the day when “the veil is thin” and I am most open to reflection and thought.

Give it a try and let me see what you come up with!  Please share.  I wish you much fun, openness, and awareness so that you can enjoy the process.

To learn more about Janice Masters and her Life Coach services, visit — or click on her Ambi-Doodle Facebook post here.

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