Do What You Want To Do – Even If You Do It Alone

April 3, 2011 by  

Keep doing the things that make you happy, give you energy and ring true for you. Especially those things that are noble and good.

It’s alright if others don’t want to come along. 

If you’re sensitive, it might feel disappointing to have joyful pursuits others lack interest in.

Remember, not everyone is here to do the same things as you.


feel yourself ascending

Try to see it this way: A sunset is just as beautiful with or without a companion to see it with.


2 Responses to “Do What You Want To Do – Even If You Do It Alone”
  1. Rena Hatch says:

    Oh Kendra,
    I love this post! Thank you. It’s just want I needed to hear. Since I work from home and mainly on line and by phone, I often am alone. Yet, when I remember to do things that fill me up on all levels (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically) I enjoy them even if I am by myself. As I honor and build my relationship with myself I might be alone but I don’t feel lonely. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder.

    • says:

      I’m so glad you like this post, Rena! Thanks for your wonderful comment. Sounds like you are well on your way to enjoying yourself when you are alone. That is empowerment! Many women spend enormous amounts of time alone — both physically and emotionally — devaluing this time because they are longing for companionship. While companionship is definitely one of the plusses of life, I want to encourage women to keep doing the things that they love and enjoy even if they don’t have a companion to join them. Like you said, it is about learning to honor and build a relationship with oneself. Have a great week ahead and enjoy the beauty around you! xo

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