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September 15, 2012 by  

Keep giving even when you want to give up. You never know what the tiniest little act of giving can yield. Today I received a WONDERFUL message from a colleague that was both startlingly joyous as well as graciously poignant. All because I gave her a ball of yarn.

don’t stop expressing yourself

She happened to mention awhile back that she knits. So do I. So when we had the occasion to share a lunch with a mutual client, I brought her a skein of uber cool recycled sari ribbon to knit with. Several days later I received her email where she described the idea of how your spirit runs ahead of you to meet someone you are supposed to meet and bond you before you even lay eyes on each other — she said that was how she felt when she received the yarn. That our spirits had bonded ahead of meeting one another. It gave me shivers.

You just never know. Don’t give up on living. Don’t give up on reaching out.

Don’t give up on your particular brand of expressing yourself.

Someone’s spirit is waiting to bond with yours.

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