Happy New Year to all the Pinwheel Girls!

December 31, 2013 by  

Happy New Year to all the Pinwheel Girls!

Take time to slow down and enjoy this special time of year. There are so many festivals of Light all around you. Soak it in and let it envelope you. Feel its warmth blanket your heart and spirit.

never give up ~ keep shining your light

It is not about shopping malls and retail deals. We all know this deep inside us. But the hectic pressure of Holiday preparations, much of which is self-imposed, makes us forget.

Even if only for a few minutes remember that this very special season is about birth, finding one’s way, belief and faith, connection, and understanding that the Light is part of us.

My New Year wish for you is for you to feel emotionally safe and authentic in the new year ahead and that you feel appreciation for the magnificent person you are.

May you have a wonderful year ahead of joy, camaraderie, laughter, gratitude, and love.

Most of all I wish you continued empowerment so you can keep shining your Light for us all to see.

Wishing you love and light always.

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