Welcome to the World of the Pinwheel Girl! 

I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you. I would recognize you if we met. I am you. I am Every Woman.

Who is the Pinwheel Girl?

iStock_000009216888XSmall-blowing-on-pinwheelThe Pinwheel Girl is a new icon for womanhood who empowers women to be true to themselves, live the lives they love and want, and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

She offers encouragement through seven stages of midlife transitions and transformation – from the initial stages of confusion and despair through the middle stages of expansion to the final stages of clarity and redemption.


The Pinwheel Girl gently reminds women of the power of their inner voice and challenges them to share their uniqueness with the world. She was once a literal pinwheel stuck to a stick, spinning endlessly in a cycle of dizzying lifelessness. But then one day she decided it was time to stop spinning in one place. She jumped off the stick, unfolded her flaps and morphed into a universal female form.

She now follows the wind, a metaphor for the inner voice, and shares her poetic messages of empowerment, healing, affirmation, and life stages with women of all ages and life experience.

iStock_000006898840XSmall-multicoloredYou are bigger than life…reaching, expanding, connecting.

What’s here for you?

Information on seven stages of midlife transitions and transformation
• Quotes, stories, poetry, videos, photos and art to inspire you
• Resources to assist you on your journey
• Everyday teachers and symbols to help you cope with life’s difficult events
• And much more

When we confront past choices, let go of painful memories, or forge a new path, taking that first step is always difficult. These little pinwheels, stopping and starting with hesitancy, illustrate how delicate the beginning of the journey can be. But with perseverance, we can catch our stride and move along our path as we should. Take a look. There are teachers everywhere.

I hope what you find here will inspire you to contemplate the depth of your inner voice, the power of change and transition in your life as an unexpected gift, and the hope that always resides in your heart.

Hold on, even if it’s unfamiliar…help arrives in unexpected ways from the unexpected.
Stop spinning, jump off the stick, and fly with the Pinwheel Girl. I’ll meet you in the Sky! After all, that’s where your dreams reside.

An empowered woman is a gift to the world!

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The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom

This colorful and engaging e-book is 100% dedicated to the idea of you being you—only you— truly you–and no other you. It’s JAM-PACKED with 75 of my very best simple yet empowering affirmations gleaned from the Pinwheel Girl’s blog coupled with beautiful photos to help you live courageously and authentically.

The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom takes common everyday objects and uses them for inspiration and empowerment. The result is confident self-expression for YOU! ~ Plus power, creativity, and awakening to fund invigorating new ways of seeing and being. 

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Empower yourself AND ANOTHER WOMAN! Proceeds from each sale of The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom will be donated to women’s development programs at Heifer International.


Come fly with me! Make your dreams come true!

The Original Pinwheel Girl Book is Still Available

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight

Don’t want to be pinned down and stuck anymore? The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is a 258-page, soft-cover, inspirational book which assists women through seven stages of transformation as they experience profound personal change.

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Through fluid illustrations and over 100 empowering affirmations, the book tells the universal story of going inside ourselves, unfolding, surfacing, expanding, ascending, coming back down, and sharing our visions with others.




Encouraging women to listen to their inner voice, be true themselves, live the life they love and want, and pursue their dreams fearlessly, the book tells the story of Every Woman. 

Here’s what one reader said: “I read The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight three years ago while on a road trip. It spoke to me in so many ways on a deep emotional level. It seemed to affirm my goodness and left me feeling uplifted. I immediately wanted to share the book with several of my friends. I now keep a copy of The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight in the waiting room at my clinic.” ~ Jan, Owner, Therapeutic Massage & Healing Center

Another reader wrote to me with this testimony: “The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight empowered me from the very first page. I believe all women were created by God to be great and do great things, but sometimes we get lost in all the responsibility we take upon our shoulders. The Pinwheel Girls showed me that I have the tools within me to take flight and to believe in myself again. To be honest, when I have those moments of doubt, I still take this book out.” ~ Debbie, a working woman and future author, on The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight.

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