Honoring Solstice — The Light is In You

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Today’s simple pleasures: candle light from my solstice altar which is merely a group of simple white candles set amidst winter greenery to honor the lengthening days, the warmth of the coming sun, the light within me, the light within you, and the Light that nourishes us during physical and spiritual darkness.

wooden flowers ~ winter blooms

wooden flowers ~ winter blooms

This year I chose all white candles — white for the color of pure light.

I did include winter greenery again this year as well as a few acorns and pinecones. These little bits of nature remind me that growth can occur even in the dead of winter.

My Solstice candle display is very different from the one I made last year. Last year I used pillar candles in red, orange, and yellow — the colors of the sun — and I used a pedestal stand instead of a mirrored tray.  It was beautiful!  This year I wanted something different and it was great fun and very gratifying to be creative with this project once again. I found that I had been thinking of my candle display, and what I would do with it this year, for a few weeks prior to Solstice. Excitement was building and one thing for sure that stood out was that I should use white candles this year.

the light is coming

the light is coming

When I light the candles, and focus on the flames, I like to meditate on the coming year, set intentions and release old thoughts, sentiments and ideas that no longer serve me or my greater life’s good.

When doing this, I find feelings of great comfort, calm, and an embracing spiritual community are evoked within me.   

The Light is a universal source and symbol for connection with the Divine and with the entire Universe and all of its inhabitants.

I can definitely feel that when I relax and focus on the Solstice candleglow and the idea of releasing the darkness and welcoming the light.

The Solstice altar, for me, is not indicative of a pagan ritual, though it is historically rooted there.

keep shining

keep shining

It is, for me, moreso a symbol that each of us CAN see in the dark.

The light is brighter there and so much hope for brighter days, the promise of huge possibilities, and the empowerment that comes from starting anew begin, for me, in these flickering flames.

Sending love and light and peace to all of you, my friends.

I see the light in you.

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