It’s about letting go.

July 9, 2012 by  

Empowerment is often really about feeling peace, contentment and satisfaction in the moment you find yourself in. To stop pushing for perfectionism, to stop toiling for more and better, to stop the constant desire to improve and enhance. Empowerment is about “being” and finding strength, composure, bliss and serenity in just and only that. Today the act of smply “pushing” a sweet, little two-year-old girl back and forth on a swing reminded me of all this. The sheer pleasure she had, the simplicity of it–she knew how to enjoy it without putting restrictions on it. She had no desire to make it “better” or to “improve” the experience. She just loved the moment with all her heart. Her big contagious smile coupled with the light in her eyes made my heart burst right into the sky.

when we let go we soar

I realized that so often that I am pushing — all in the wrong ways.

Empowerment is not about control.

It’s about letting go.

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