Just accept; don’t judge.

November 2, 2013 by  

Empowerment is about really, really surrendering to the idea that you CANNOT control another person. You cannot will them to change, you cannot force them to do it your way, you cannot make them show up, love you, agree with you, or join your path.  Empowerment is about acceptance. It’s so very hard somedays. But the lesson is worth it.  I struggle often with this, but it is futile and ultimately arrogant.

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Empowerment is about releasing our firm grip on what we feel others should do and be, allowing them to be on their own journey, while we walk confidently on our own.

Just accept. Try hard not to judge.


2 Responses to “Just accept; don’t judge.”
  1. Kim Williams says:

    Awareness, Surrender, Growth…

    Love this

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