Keep looking for what you need

October 6, 2013 by  

Sometimes we hide things about our true selves and our true nature because we are afraid of criticism and rejection. We censor our comments and thoughts, we hold back, we stay in the shadows, afraid to stand out. Or, we agree when we disagree, we smile when we don’t want to. This makes sense because criticism and rejection are very, very painful — especially if you are highly sensitive. But it’s crucially important and a true lesson in empowerment to surround youself with only those people who care about you, who allow you to be your truest self and who make you feel emotionally safe when you are with them, people who want you to express yourself, even when it makes them uncomfortable, people who can communicate without being destructive, and people who will support you when you are not strong. If you haven’t found these people yet, keep looking.

keep looking

keep looking


It is never a bad idea to keep looking for what you want and need. That is what empowerment is all about.

Keep your eyes open.


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