Peace is the Way

December 9, 2010 by  

peace is the way ~ to get there bend and sway

peace is the way ~ to get there bend and sway

I hope this greeting finds you well, in the holiday spirit, and ready to celebrate the season!

This Pinwheel Girl holiday greeting and corresponding “message from the wind” was inspired by the Big Sky of Amarillo, Texas and the yellow-petaled Mexican Hat Flower

I designed it to inspire thoughts about peace — peace on earth as well peace within ourselves — and what it takes to find both.

While visiting Amarillo, I became mesmerized with the peacefulness and serenity of the Big Texas Sky:  endless blue and endless clouds by day followed by endless black and endless stars by night. 

The Big Sky made me think of all the times I have been in the dark in a state of what felt like an endless night.  And, likewise, of all the times I have looked up into the blue for replenishment, courage and strength. 

During my trip I was also enamoured with the gentle way in which the Mexican Hat Flower reacted to the constantly driving wind of the prairies. The flowers were at my feet everywhere and I felt lovingly surrounded by them. It seemed they were in a perpetual state of bending, swaying and bobbing in the forceful winds, yet they never lost their footing. They appeared utterly peaceful there, colorful, calm, serene, yet actively tossed about.

It seemed to me that a feeling of peace, and indeed world peace, requires a lot of bending and swaying while maintaining a solid foothold.  I thought of all the countless times I’ve had to bend to find some kind of resolution. And all of the times I’ve had to sway to find some kind of conclusion. And I thought all of the times I have found peace when I really needed it from all of these actions, places, and thoughts.

I wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Bright New Year.

Most of all I wish you the gift of inner peace in a world at peace.

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