WORKSHOPS — Early Childhood Educators

Workshops and Key Notes to Empower Early Childhood Educators and Child Care Center Directors

“Kendra has been a regular presenter at our conference and is well-received by our participants. Her information is timely, content rich, and engaging. We are always pleased when she is able to offer one of her sessions. If you choose Kendra as a presenter, you will most definitely be happy with your decision!” ~ Donna Jonas, Leadership Connections National Conference Coordinator, McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership

NEW!  Giving Feedback With Ease (1.5-3 hours)
Do you dread giving feedback? Are you conflict-averse? Not sure what to do, what to say? This workshop is designed for center administrators, leaders and managers to build their skill set in effectively and professionally giving constructive feedback with their teaching staff. Attendees explore the myths and goals of feedback, the techniques of feedback, common mistakes, the three “A’s” of performance, and how to handle all those messy and sometimes highly emotional objections. Lots of practice is included, too!

“I loved it! Kendra had so many good ideas and techniques on how to prepare and deliver feedback to co-workers.” ~ GoAEYC ECE Conference Attendee, Des Plaines IL

“Kendra was awesome. She was very informative and she facilitated nice exchanges with the participants. I really learned a lot about feedback.” ~ Center Director, Artlington Heights IL

“I loved Kendra’s approach. She gave great ideas and usable techniques I can take back to my center to implement.” ~ GoAEYC ECE Conference Attendee, Des Plaines IL

“The workshop was great. Can Kendra come back and do MORE training?”  ~ Children’s Home + Aid Seminar Attendee, Arlignton Heights IL

“Kendra is a fantastic presenter. She stays on topic, is very informative and organized, and offered very helpful exercises. We got to contribute and she addressed specific issues. I learned a lot.” ~ ECE Program Coordinator

“Kendra did a great job. She was informative, had us role play, and answered many questions.” ~ Children’s Home + Aid Seminar Attendee, Arlignton Heights IL

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training.  This was something that everyone in the room could benefit from.  I am excited to use my new tools and awesome key phrases during my next feedback session with my team.  This was an excellent training.” ~ Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator, Atlanta, GA

“I really liked practicing the techniques and all the examples of how we would use the tools in real life scenarios that we encounter with our staff as administrators.” ~ Program Coordinator, Atlanta, GA

Non-Negotiables for Leading Staff (1-1.5 hours)
Get empowered as a leader with Kendra’s Top Ten Guiding Principles for inspiring staff towards their best performance in this interactive workshop! These tips for success help center directors manage stress and maintain their sanity, too! Learn the Seven Minute Rule, how to give feedback, simple techniques for coping with change, and more.

Must Do’s for Working With Parents (1-1.5 hours) Learn Kendra’s Ten Must Do’s for successfully working with parents! This interactive workshop explores how negative is positive, the motivation behind parent complaints, why “nice matters,” the Rule of Two, and more. These are tried and true!our staff as administrators.” ~ Program Coordinator, Atlanta, GA

Let Them Create! ~ Embrace Open Ended Art for Kids (1-3 hours)
Creativity is our birthright yet most of us learned at a very early age to smother our unique expression under a blanket of conformity. In this workshop teachers learn to allow children to express their true creativity with open-ended art activities. What’s in it for you? Less time, less prep, less cutting, less patterns and MORE creativity for all!

Get it All Done With An Annual Calendar (2-3 hours)
This in-depth workshop is designed specifically for center directors to assist them with strategic thinking in a non-threatening, easy-to-understand way to implement. Kendra will teach you how to use an annual calendar so that you get more efficiency in overall center operations, better communication with parents and staff, and less stress.

“I had a lot of aha moments in this training. Making the calendar was challenging at first but once we got rolling it produced a lot of ideas!” ~ Early Childhood Program Coordinator

“I really enjoyed this training. I learned so much. These tools are useful and practical. We sometimes go to trainings and get tools and ideas but they don’t always work for us. Today was awesome! This CAN work for my center.” ~ Assistant Director

“The best! I have a concrete tool to make my center a better place and my life easier!” ~ Director, Corporate Child Care Center

“I think this workshop was very helpful not just in managing a child care center but also in LIFE!” ~ GOAEYC ECE Conference Attendee

“Great ideas to get organized and run your center’s operations more smoothly.” ~ Director/Owner of Child Care Center, GOAEYC ECE Conference Attendee

Eliminate “That’s Not My Job!” with Organizational Charts (2-3 hours)
Tired of hearing “that’s not my job” and “I thought someone else was doing it” in your center? Frustrated with people who waste time focusing on the wrong things? In this in-depth workshop Kendra will help center directors create an organizational chart that eliminates all confusion about who is supposed to do what in their busy child care center.

“Kendra had great handouts. And I was able to walk away with a plan and great ideas.” ~ Center Director

“Wonderful! I was hesitant at first but now I am excited to dig into this and bring my Assistant Director and teachers on board as well.” ~ Center Director

“AWESOME! I can’t wait to get back to my center to use this.” ~ Curriculum Director

“Very, very informative. Great ideas. Two thumbs up!” ~ GOAEYC ECE Conference Attendee

NEW! Effective Parent Communications During High Stress Interactions
In this advanced seminar, center directors will learn new techniques for managing high stress interactions with parents, including bullying, chronic complaining, and aggressive behavior that negatively impacts the center’s culture. Participants will gain new skills assertive communication techniques including the power positions and key phrases to use, plus how to deliver sensitive messages with ease and poise.

“This was an excellent workshop — very informative. I learned actual phrases, words, mannerisms and strategies to implement and use in tough conversations with parents.” ~ Illinois Action for Children Seminar Attendee/Center Director

Cool Truths from Working With Kids Under Five
In this 45-minute keynote Kendra shares how the most simple things to a child under five, and the most common phrases we use with them, can become doorways to enlightenment for adults who’ve forgotten how to look, listen and feel.

Unless They Have Lice, Resist the Urge To Nitpick ~ 20+ Years of Life Lessons
This 45-minute keynote is an inspirational jaunt through 20+ years of working in the field of Early Childhood Education and the touching, heart-centered life lessons gleaned from serving thousands of children, parents, and teachers. Kendra offers thought-provoking yet simple lessons that are sure to inspire, uplift, and make ECE audiences smile.

All workshops can be tailored to fit differing group sizes and varying teaching and leadership positions in child care centers and other settings serving young children. Contact Kendra for more details about content, length, format and pricing. Come fly with the Pinwheel Girls! Get empowered now!

More Feedback from Workshop Attendees

“The best part of the Annual Calendar and Organizational Chart workshops was getting the tools to help me achieve the goal of being organized and getting things done efficiently.” ~ Gina Mosqueda, Assistant Director, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

“Kendra’s explanation of how to use Organizational Charts was very helpful as this is a new concept for me. I’ve been in the field for 25 years and implementing this concept will bring both clarity and increased performance in the centers I supervise.” ~ Penny Zimmerman, Regional Manager, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

“An ‘aha’ moment that occurred for me was that I can become much more effective by preplanning a year ahead and that with the right tools it is possible.” ~ Kathie Cunniff, Center Diretor, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

“I really enjoyed the Annual Calendar and Organizational Chart workshops and found them to be very helpful. The tools provided in order to become better organized were the best part. They are user friendly and have definite purpose behind them.” ~ Sue O’Callaghan, Program Director, Little Hands Child Development Center at the Allstate Insurance Company