WORKSHOPS — Pinwheels for PEACE

Empowered women are gifts to the world.

empowered women are gifts to the world

empowered women are gifts to the world

I saw the above quote fully in action firsthand as I witnessed five fantastic young women make their own personal pinwheel power symbols in the heart of Punta de Mita, Mexico.

Each of these women works for PEACE, a very special not-for-profit organization that empowers women, children, families and communities in the Banderas Bay region of Mexico.

set your dreams, goals and wishes as intentions

set your dreams, goals and wishes as intentions

Nicole Majewski, Director of Volunteer Programs, invited me to do a Pinwheel Power Symbol workshop for PEACE staff when I was in the area and I happily obliged.

I had already had the pleasure of meeting Becci Burchett, Director of Development for PEACE, at a PEACE fundraiser.

I was very inspired by her passion for helping others, spreading goodwill, and communicating about the needs of women, so I was highly anxious to meet more PEACE staff and to learn about its outstanding mission, projects and initiatives to empower women, children and families.

Soon I would get to meet Nova, Nikhol, and Katie, too — all highly evolved young women changing the world.

take time to reflect, pause, think, affirm

take time to reflect, pause, think, affirm

It was truly a wonderful experience to lead this workshop for these fabulous ladies and to see them hard at work on their pinwheel power symbols.

We talked quite a bit about the symbolism of pinwheels. Everyone first spoke of happy childhood experiences, followed by the delight of the colors and movement of pinwheels.

We discussed how most pinwheels are similar in style and shape, yet all are different and unique. We compared that to the idea of both the diversity and commonality in women.

We observed how pinwheels are hard workers but also delicate and easily broken. They are fragile but strong.

They can also be very sensitive — the slightest breeze sets them spinning; the slightest obstacle stops them cold. Just like women sometimes.

Stopping and starting. Spinning cycles. Spinning in a circle. Spinning smooth. Colorful, shiny, flying high.

Lots of metaphors for life and womanhood.

As each young woman spoke, she smiled, her posture became strong and firm, and she beamed. The entire energy on the veranda in the 90 degree heat became light, expansive, and infectious.

action and movement is what makes wishes and dreams come true

action and movement is what makes wishes and dreams come true

Just talking about pinwheels, their symbolism, and their universal messages of hope, movement, energy, and change created a shift!!


As the women began to work on their pinwheel power symbols, a new kind of energy emerged.

It was quiet but intense, focused but friendly, studious but energetic, and very introspective and reflective.

pinwheels are for power, strength, movement

pinwheels are for power, strength, movement

A hush came over the room — yet everything was buzzing. A special kind of spirituality was present.

Women were focusing on themselves — so that they could focus on others.

Women were identifying goals, wishes, dreams, and intentions — so that they could put them into action and bring them to fruition.

Women were taking time to think, pause, reflect, and affirm themselves.

It was invigorating to see their individual smiles, energies, and auras light up — they were clearly invested in this process of combined thought and creativity, self-contained yet selfless activity.

As the women created, their pinwheels took form.

Colorful collages of deep personal meaning and symbolism. Tokens of authenticity.

Visual representations of their own particular soul talk.

It was beautiful.

Look at these faces! How they glow!

The smiles, the eyes, the postures — these are each the face of a gift to the world.

What I learned from these young women was how truly important it is to stay connected to life, to keep pursuing your passions, to stay with it, to stay the course.


Each of these young women had a vigor and a drive that was inspiring and far beyond anything I might have been able to express when I was their age.

They reminded me that there are millions of generous people in the world doing good and powerful work and that it is important not to give up.

Each of these young women is working hard to change the world we live in while staying authentic and true to themselves without fear.

They are completely in every way the real embodiment of a Pinwheel Girl.

be who you must

be who you must

“Once a woman is empowered, there’s no telling how far her influence will spread!!” ~ Becci Burchett, Director of Development for PEACE Mexico, and Pinwheel Girl

Sending you warm winds! Go, Pinwheel Girls, Go!

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