Rabbit I’ve got the keys now

February 10, 2014 by  

Yesterday I discovered the frozen, lifeless body of my sweet little rabbit, my Animal Guide, lying under the big pine tree in my back yard. She froze to death in this year’s very harsh Chicago winter of sub-zero arctic temperatures. Naturally I was devastated.

rabbit medicine teaches courage

rabbit medicine teaches courage

She has been my Animal Guide for several years now and coached me on how to outrun predators by running to and fro in a zig zag fashion, how to hop, leap and jump over obstacles, how to harness the fertility of my creativity, and how to face my fears. I will surely miss her. She has been a constant companion and a very effective Teacher.

I feel somehow that her passing means I have come to realistic and settled terms with my biggest fear, something I’ve been working diligently on over the last 6 months and of course for my whole life, and that I’m going to be alright now.

Thank you, Rabbit. I’ve got the keys now.

The cycle of life empowers us.

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