Reflection Activities for New Year’s Day

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Yesterday I shared that I’m getting ready to hunker down for my annual New Year’s Eve reflection activities and I shared my agenda with you — just in case you were looking for something “different” to do this year. Every New Year’s Eve I spend the evening with my journal, sketch pads, candles, card decks, music, prayers, intentions, and dreams. It’s a time to let go of another year — releasing what did not honor or serve my highest good — and to hone in on the gratitude for what did — and then embracing a whole new cadre of possibilities with clarity and resolve for honoring my highest potential in the new year. I love New Year’s Eve night for this very reason. 

But I also have special things I do on New Year’s Day — the first day of the new year — sort of  a Part II to New Year’s Eve. My agenda follows in case you’d like an idea or two for a new way to spend this most auspicious day.

New Year’s Day Reflection Rituals ~~ January 1, 2014

“…when the student is ready, the teacher will come…”

Meditation Walk with Camera

Music & Candle Lighting — Bird Altar: Nests, Eggs, Feathers, Photos — New Beginnings, Birth, Creativity, Grounded Spirituality — “Aerial” by Kate Bush (music)

Goddess, Animal, Angel Readings — Identifying New Guides, Totems, Guardians for a New Year

I do an animal card reading and draw three cards – these three animals that will guide me for the coming year – the idea is that after the “letting go” I will need new guides. I often make color copies of the cards and hang them near my desk in the kitchen. I also ask for new goddess energies and guardians to join me on my new year’s journey.

2013 Goddess, Animal, and Angel Cards
2013 Goddess, Animal, and Angel Cards

Readings for 2013

Angels: Stronger Intentions are Needed (Reversed)– Trust Life & Guardian Angels — Listen to Inner Wisdom, Freedom is a Choice

Animal Totems:
Butterfly ~ Expect a Transformation
Coyote ~ Laugh at Yourself a Little More
Salmon ~ Proceed with Determination

Goddess Energies:
Jumper Cards = Oonagh ~ Easy Does It/Don’t Push
Abundantia ~ Prosperity is All Around You
Coventina (Reversed) ~ A Purification is Needed
Aphrodite ~ Femininity
Athena ~ Trust Your Inner Wisdom
Aine (Reversed) ~ More Leaps of Faith are Needed

Past/Present/Future Goddess Energies:
Jumper Cards = Diana (Reversed) ~ More Focused Intention is Needed and Damara (Reversed) ~ Pay More Attention to Your Children
Freya ~ Be Bold (Past)
Kuan Yin ~ Compassion (Present)
Ixchel ~ Medicine Woman/Mayan Moon Goddess & Healer (Future).

I was really excited about my cards in 2013. Butterfly means Transformation so something will end and something will begin in its place. This can be scary but also exciting. Not all endings are bad or painful. So this meant I had to get ready for something old to give way so that something new could evolve. There were two sets of cards that came “reversed” indicating a blockage — these cards were around Focused Intention meaning that I have not been setting strong enough intentions, that somehow I lost faith and commitment to those I have set, or that I lost focus. I always love how even when using multiple decks some of the “same” cards show up in each deck. For example, in the Animal Totem deck I drew “Salmon” for Determination — which is the similar to Focused Intention. I also drew Reversed “Leap of Faith” — which means I had been afraid or unwilling to take risks. So no more of that. “Trust Life” is what this card means. The Purification card was also reversed — I did lose sight of my Well Being goals the last three months of 2012 so that became a new focus again. All in all though I loved the reading — my favorites were the Trust and Listening cards along with Oonagh (“Easy Does It ~ No Need To Push”). I need that.

Journal Entry ~ Setting Intentions for a New Year ~~ Writing It All Down — Making a Plan

Here I start writing down all the ideas, wishes, dreams,  bucket list entries, etc. that I want to try to accomplish in the new year. I write it all down, a big brainstorming list, and then organize it all into the various categories mentioned above:

Mind, Body, Spirit

Family, Parenting, Relationships

Home & Environment

Creativity & Expression

Explorations & Discoveries

Business & Money

Creative Expression Activity: Making the Plan Visual

new year's intentions

new year’s intentions

While listening to my favorite female singers, I make a visual plan of all my new year’s goals and ideas. Sometimes I make a Pinwheel Power Symbol.  Sometimes I make a traditional Vision Board. Sometimes I make a Soul Collage Origami Book of goals and dreams for the new year. I like to do this because it is a creative process, I am a visual learner, and it is relaxing.

Assorted Musical Selections: Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, Tori Amos

pinwheel vision board

pinwheel vision board

Gratitude Meditation: All is Well ~ Let The Path Unfold — Rock Altar:  Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz

I end New Year’s Day afternoon with a gratitude meditation — focusing om spiritual abundance, prosperity, and love in the new year ahead.

New Year’s Day Meal — Gratitude Prayer & Sunflowers

And then it is time for another simple meal and positive thoughts for a year of empowerment, abundance, growth, compassion, service, creativity, and love in the new year.

Happy New Year to you all and may all your dreams come true. 


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