Remember Your Magnificence

June 12, 2012 by  

Don’t ever give up on doing the right thing. I know some of you are tired, worn out, feel unappreciated, unseen, unknown, criticized or more…but don’t stop doing what is right and good, what you know to ring true, what is solid and based on a higher ground of being. It is tempting to give in to the idea of caving in, giving up, and becoming mediocre. But don’t.

you are more than you think you are

Keep striving towards your magnificence.


2 Responses to “Remember Your Magnificence”
  1. Lady Di says:

    I have always been beaten back when I tried to just be myself. I am a HSP or a Highy Sensitive Person, who see’s the world through the eyes of an artist. I write, I paint and I love to decorate my home. I understand my animals as if they were human, a trait of highly sensitive people. Being as sensitive as I am, opens me up to the pain that others inflict upon me daily. Meaning to or not, people who are not as sensitive as I do not understand. Sensitive people like myself think we are odd, strange and hard to get along with. Actually, we see the world so differently, others have a hard time understanding us. I refuse, at the age of 64, to be beaten down anymore. I enjoy my sensitivities and hope others who are HSP enjoy their gifts that God has given them.

    • says:

      I completely understand! Thank you for posting your heartfelt comments. I am HSP also — I feel like Elaine Aron’s books on HSP’s are my biographies…so I 100% empathize with what you are saying. In learning about my HSP I have come to see that my sensitivities are my GREATEST gifts, they are what make me truly unique, and what allow me to make my individual contribution to the world. Yes, there can be a lot of pain and sorrow because HSP’s feel everything so deeply but it is a wonderful experience nonetheless to explore the depths and layers of one’s spirit the way that an HSP can. And just as an HSP can experience deep melancholy, we HSPs can also experience intense happiness and bliss. So keep being you and never fault this wonderful attribute that you possess. Always remember that the world needs highly sensitive people like you…sending you much love, empowerment, affirmation and inspiration to keep being exactly who you are.

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