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Journal Activities with the Pinwheel Girl

Here are some open-ended questions to guide you as you make your way through the seven stages of change and transition in The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight. Take some time to focus on you, your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas as you evolve through the stages and claim your empowerment.

In Stage 1, the stage of going inside, the Pinwheel Girl says that “it’s about protection.” How have you protected yourself so far in your life? What new ways can you use to protect yourself?

The Pinwheel Girl says “you know what to do” in Stage 2 of her transformation as she begins to unfold. What do you think she means by this? What do you know what to do that you are not doing right now? Where does the knowledge of “knowing what to do” come from? How can you tap into it and hear it so that you “know what to do.” Reflect, meditate and write about these concepts in your journal.

When she begins to expand, the Pinwheel Girl states that “surrender is worth it” in Stage 4. What do you need to surrender to? Make a list.

“There are teachers everywhere.” What do you think the Pinwheel Girl is trying to say with this Message from the Wind? Teachers are not just in classrooms, churches, counseling sessions, or lecture halls. Where else can you find teachers who can bring you gifts of self-knowledge, growth, new ideas, awakened dreams, and confidence? Who and what have been or could be positive teachers for you?

In Stage 6, the Pinwheel Girl realizes that working on yourself is a lot of hard work that is often painful. She says: “Dare to see what you see, dare to hear what you hear, dare to stand it, it is only the Truth trying to set you free…” What have you been avoiding accepting about yourself that has held you captive? Write about how if you face it and stand it, you can be free to be and do what?

The Pinwheel Girl is You. She is Every Woman. She is your Inner Voice. In Stage 6 she says “A part of you will always be invisible to the world…but I see you…all of you…I know you…I will always be with you…always…” Who exactly is the Pinwheel Girl inside you?

Many women abandon themselves, take care of others before they take care of themselves, and neglect or forget their Inner Voice which is meant to guide them through Life. The Pinwheel Girl says “I have been waiting for you to find me. Don’t forget me.” Write a promise to yourself about how you will take care of yourself, heed your truest Inner Voice, and reject thoughts of self-abandonment.

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From the Pinwheel Girl’s Library

Here’s a brief list of SOME of the books I read during a time of rapid change and transformation in my life. I hope you find some of them helpful on your path.

The Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing – Carolyn Myss
This book completely changed my life and healed me. I finally understood the source of many wounds and the psychology behind them still at work in my life. Myss helped me see where I was fraudulent and where I was authentic. The book focuses on life lessons, themes, and power sources each of the seven energy centers that reside in our body and spirit teach us. Most importantly this book helped me understand how to surrender to the Divine and to Trust Life.

Animal Speak and Animal-Wise – both by Ted Andrews
I have always been attracted to birds — especially Little Birds — including doves, wrens, chickadees, finches, and red-winged blackbirds. I also like rabbits, chicks, and wolves. So….I used both of these books to learn about animal totems and and their spiritualism at work in my life since I was very, very young. You can too with Ted’s enormous wisdom that he shares about the Animal Kingdom.

The Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination – Robert Moss
I liked this book because it reminded me yet again to pay attention to my dreams, and coincidences and synchronicities, as well as to be conscious and mindful of what I wish for. I keep a dream journal and I am pretty aware of the synchronicities. But I found that I am quite casual about the phrase “I wish…” and too cavalier about it. Our culture does marginalize dreams, coincidences and wishes, as in “it was just a wish” and “it was just a coincidence” and “it was just a dream.” But the author shows us many examples of the power of these three things not only to advance our own lives but also their power to advance all of humanity. This is a most helpful book of reminders and techniques to get back in focus.

Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women’s Changing Lives – Anna Frels
This is a great book for any woman who wants to resurrect her goals, dreams, ideals, etc. that she may have left on the side of the road in favor of some other aspect of her life or because she finds herself constantly at odds with the culture around her — in her family, work and career, friendships, marriage and relationships with men, her social scene, and the like. The book talks about how women’s ambition is generally marginalized by the culture at large and by our own families and how, if women are to live their best life, their ambition must be celebrated, nurtured and encouraged. I referred to this book often in the midst of launching my own business at a time of huge mid-life transition — it gave me the strength to resist the naysayers, the criticisms, the non-believers, and those who felt I deserved less respect, less customer service, and less quality deliverables because of my gender. Every time I encountered these things, I thought of this book’s message. This helped me realize what was happening to me on a cognitive level and to charge through versus break down, give up, and accept second or third best as I did in the past. More than anything, this book helped me understand my life path and how to self-advocate, and how to cultivate and celebrate my own ambition and courage without timidity.

Reclaiming the Lives of Gifted Girls and Women – Joan Franklin Smutny
Are you a gifted girl? Joan Franklin Smutny examines the life span of gifted girls from adolescence to adulthood and offers practical tips to help gifted girls avoid the common pitfalls that often lead them to lose their way, miss their calling, under-achieve, and question their identity. Smutny identifies the challenges of claiming ownership over our lives, gaining skills and experience in leadership, having mentors and role models during tough times, exploring and practicing decision-making, and becoming more resilient. She also spends a lot of time outlining possible solutions for today’s young gifted girls in our midst. Overall the book focuses on strengthening the inner life of gifted girls as a way to empower them to be free to be themselves. A must-read if you answered “yes” to “Are you a gifted girl?”

Fitting in is Overrated: The Survival Guide for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like an Outsider – Leonard Felder
This is an excellent book with practical tips! It talks about why its so uncomfortable to stand apart, mistakes outsiders make, coping with cliques, finding peace with your family and breaking through when people aren’t ready for your ideas. While some of the advice and tips are really just common sense, the book helps “outsiders” understand why they have struggled so valiantly all their lives to fit in. The pain, challenge and struggle is enormous. I particularly liked hearing the stories of Macy Gray and Betty Friedan. I did not know that these powerful, creative women felt like outsiders who did not fit in who persevered through significant strife, doubt and loneliness. What would the world be like without them and what they contributed??! More than anything, this book helps outsiders remember to cherish their uniqueness, to not give up, to leave the shadows and the fringe and to step into the light and live their best lives. The world needs the novel perspectives of the outsiders. It is only an original idea that has ever allowed the world and humanity to move forward. That is why fitting in is overrated indeed! This is an emotionally cathartic book that will help any outsider take positive and deliberate steps towards celebrating their differentness and making peace with their individuality.

Life Cycles: Your Emotional Journey To Freedom to Happiness – Christine DeLorey
I really love this book — it is a huge source of enlightenment, power and comfort. What I truly admire about DeLorey’s style of communication in this book is her compassion and warmth towards her reader. This respect stands out on every page as she guides you through each month and year of a nine year cycle. When I read the section on my particular life path, its accuracy was stunning and wholly affirming. Much of my life and early experiences made sense after reading this book. I use the book now to guide the theme of each new year on my journey — this book has helped me to let go, start anew, be open to receiving, to forgive, to be efficient and strong, and, most of all, to develop the compassion I need to let others find and be exalted on their path, too. Just as the title suggests, freedom and happiness result.

The Highly Sensitive Person in Love – Dr. Elaine Aron
This book offered so much insight into my own interpretations of love, relationships (successful ones and not so successful ones) and the spiritual all from the highly sensitive person’s unique perspective. It both affirmed and enlightened and gave me a sense of joyous empowerment. I also felt recognized in this book. It was amazing how deep the author went to describe how and what a Highly Sensitive Person feels and interprets about all the various realms of love and relationship. Her compassion for the overwhelmed “HSP” in love was astounding. So often we are told that our sensitivity is a burden but Aron reminds us that it is our greatest gift to offer another. One of the most helpful and affirming books of my lifetime.
Plus The Highly Sensitive Person – also by Dr. Elaine Aron

Living with Intensity: Understanding the Sensitivity, Excitability, and the Emotional Development of Gifted Children, Adolescents, and Adults – Susan Daniels
This book is a lifesaver for the gifted and “sensitive” population. It presents a clear and concise overview of their inner and outer worlds, how they think and process, how they can and cannot express themselves, what is needed in their environments in order for them to thrive and offer up their unique and needed contributions to the world. I couldn’t put it down because of the affirming recognition I felt in this book. The book offers enormous breakthroughs for anyone who has been living in the shadows of constant criticisms or on the fringe for their “differentnes.” For those of you who are “sensitive” and who’ve been told all your life you are too this, too that, and that you need to chill out, pipe down, take a break, stop thinking so much, stop talking so much, stop reading so much into everything, stop taking everything to heart, stop laughing so loud, and more, this book will help you see that you are not alone and that you are not abnormal, defective, crazy, or that something is wrong with you. This book truly helped me cultivate the courage to be who I am even in the face of being misunderstood. This book will help you to cross over the painful barriers that have made you feel like you must pretend to be less than you are!

Women and the Blues — Jennifer James, PhD
I read this book at least a few times a year because I often get the “blues” due to my highly sensitive nature. James writes with so much compassion for her reader. There are different sections in the book that focus on all the different areas that cause “the blues” for women, e.g., aloneness, relationships, boredom, betrayal, not fitting in, gossip, stress, and more. Each section offers practical advice and suggestions for pushing through the issues that bring us “down.”

When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm – Layne Redmond
I loved this book for its fascinating exploration into the history of women in the world of music, religion and spirituality. Now we know why men sit behind the drum set and women shake the tambourines. This was a fascinating overview of the evolution of women and drums ~ a unique and thought-provoking topic.

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter – Sue Monk Kidd
I loved this book because it so closely chronicled my own feelings of distance from patriarchal Christianity except that my journey started when I was 15 and I began to reject the anti-female stories and persuasions of the male teachers at my church’s Sunday School. The book is a sensitively, passionately written memoir that intelligently chronicles one woman’s realizations of sexism in her beloved church and how in order to survive and thrive she had to choose between it and giving birth to herself.

The Tao of Psychology – Jane Shinoda Bolen
This book opened my eyes to the myriad of ways that synchronicity was at work in my life. It changed me forever and helped me begin to see the world, and my experiences in it, with symbolic sight.

I would love to hear what books have been special and enlightening to you on your journey. Please share your titles and why you think they are empowering! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been reading.