Book Clubs

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is a great selection for your Book Club!

Here’s why:

  • It doesn’t take a long time to read ~ perfect for women’s busy lives!
  • It generates deep discussion and reflection about women’s lives, goals, and dreams ~ every woman needs to think about this, right?
  • It’s unique and personal ~ something different. Why not try something new from the usual novel?
  • It allows for satisfying follow-up activities.
  • It’s fun and empowering!

Make the Pinwheel Girl the star of your Book Club & Get Empowered Now!

Here are some details to get you started!

Order your Books

Contact Kendra at for volume pricing (at least 6 books per order).

Plus get details on how to get FREE Pinwheel Girl companion journals, too!  Please note that the Pinwheel Girl Journal is only available through book purchases via the Pinwheel Girl and not through other booksellers.

Get Resources

empower your book club readers with this pinwheel power display!

Download the book’s Discussion Questions here.

Make it fun with Pinwheel Girl empowerment Recipe Cards to give away! Click here to download and print.

Share pinwheel memories and learn about pinwheel power symbolism ~ Click here for your source on this fascinating topic.

Ideas for Snacks and Decorations

  • Fill a vase or flower pot with shiny, dazzling pinwheels. Pinwheels are symbols of movement, energy and power! A pinwheel centerpiece is a beautiful, visual reminder of empowerment and making dreams come true with action!
  • Serve a variety of sweet pinwheel cookies.
  • “Get off the Stick!” Pretzel Sticks ~ to dip into melted chocolate & a variety of sprinkles and toppings.  Or crunchy  bread sticks to dip into hummus or cheese spreads. See the photo above for a glimpse.
  • Make pinwheels from colorful scrapbook paper for table decorations or cupcake toppers.

A Very Empowering Follow-Up Activity 

Make a personal pinwheel empowerment symbol after the book discussion.
Click here for details. Email Kendra at to order your pinwheel power symbol kits.

Follow up your book discussion with a hands-on pinwheel activity

Here’s what one Book Club Hostess recently said:

“Our Book Club was Saturday night…We had a blast!  The book discussions of The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight were amazing!  We used the journal activities.  There were a lot of “aha” moments for most of the ladies.  They realized that they do go through the 7 stages in all different orders at all different times in their lives.  We had such open discussions about ourselves that it brought our group closer.  Through our discussions we, as women, gave ourselves and each other the “permission” to not always hide, not always like what we have to do, not always put on a happy face.  Through our conversations, I know I realized a few important things.  Thank you for sharing the Pinwheel Girl with us!” ~ Kathy, Mesa AZ

Contact Kendra at for more Book Club details and pricing!