Sending You a Thimble Full of Love

March 6, 2013 by  

A simply WONDERFUL package arrived on my front porch today!

Another box FULL of thimbles from my wonderful friend and colleague named Lynne who lives in Michigan. She sent me her family’s thimble collection which they started in the 1950’s. There were over 100 in all.

There are crystal thimbles, sterling silver thimbles, a leather thimble (laying on the table in the front row of the picture), a little wicker “basket” thimble holder, a Princess Diana thimble, and a BIG SET of porcelain china thimbles with my beloved birds painted on them. There are brass, enamel, plastic, cloissone, wooden, and pewter ones, too, as well as some that have no “top” on them — these are just used by pushing the needle through fabric using the SIDE of the thimble.

thimbles are symbols of a happy home

thimbles are symbols of a happy home

AND there is actually a thimble included with a WINDMILL on it. Imagine that.

The thimbles are all different and unique — some are very utilitarian while others are quite ornate and detailed, like delicate works of art. Some are decorative souvenirs while others are actual thimbles used by seamstresses and tailors. All of them tell a story and make me wonder what Lynne and her family were doing when they spotted each one and took it home with them. Were some of them gifts? Some collected on travels? Some found in trinket and antique shops?

via sewing and mending thimbles convey love

via sewing and mending thimbles convey love

It is also fun to wonder and muse about how many of these thimbles once belonged to a woman who used them to either make something creative for her home or to sew or mend clothes for her family. As such the thimble is a symbol of a happy home.

But did you know that to receive a thimble as a gift is to symbolically receive a “kiss?” (Think Wendy and Peter Pan.) So — 100-plus thimbles. Wow, I feel really loved!

This experience made my day and uplifted my spirit SO MUCH. It reminded me of how the world IS full of goodness and good things happen to us ALL THE TIME. It’s easy to get down about all the bad things around us, especially with all the media saturation we face daily, but these little thimbles were an excellent reminder to me of the simple pleasures of daily life and of the goodness in the world that DOES exist.

Remember: Life is good.

Thimbles also represent a kiss

Thimbles also represent a kiss

And so here is a thimble (a kiss, love, a wish for a happy home) for YOU.

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