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This week I’ve been cleaning out and organizing my office and I came across some notes about the character of the Pinwheel Girl I had written down in a notebook before The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight was published. I was doing a character study of her and had wanted to articulate why she was so enlivening to me. Having just re-read those notes I thought I’d share them with you. I hope these thoughts resonate as strongly with you as they do with me.

More Notes on Who is the Pinwheel Girl…

She’s a symbol of helping women to be stronger, happier, and more in control of their lives, more confident to follow their own path. She’s a catalyst for that.

As a symbol of the female essence, she’s a million years old, authentic, completely real, true, and every woman will know and recognize her.

you know what to do

She’s the voice of every woman — she’s the Feminine Power.

It’s so enlivening because we don’t get to see this too much. When we see feminine power in the culture at large, it’s exploited sexually, stereotyped, or scripted. She is just the truest, most natural feminine form without any of that imposed on her.

She is who you are and you finally get to recognize that. It’s like a birth.

She’s really a wonderful character — never criticizing, never aggressive, always there for you, never disappears even when you neglect her, she’s always there, she never gives up on you.

She’s a female essence that has always been, will always be, and is accessible to every woman.

I am free just like you

She reminds women of who they are, where they came from, and what they can be, even from before they were born. She brings you home to all that.

When you look at her, and see her images in the big picture over the scope of the entire book, it’s intuitive how she speaks to you. It’s one inner voice talking to another inner voice.

She represents the potential to help women heal themselves, live the life they love and want, what they were meant to live.

She is what you were before everything and everyone interfered with you.

She reminds us that what is lost can be found.

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