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Every year on Solstice I make a candlescape to honor the coming Light. This year I created a very simple yet very different candlescape than what I normally do. I usually use a tray to hold all the elements of the candlescape but this time I used a whole table and some very different kinds of accessories.

I started with a red, sequined, glittery wreath — as we all know the wreath is in the shape of a circle. Circles are unending and unbroken with no beginning and no end. I felt this was a powerful metaphor for the idea that Light is always possible and that Light is always within us. Light has no beginning and no end — it is just always there.  Remember this.

Then I added large chunks of amethyst for heaping doses of spiritual abundance. A little citrine for prospertity came next so that I can have the means to support my family, my community, and others in the world. I also included a large piece of rose quartz — the stone for love — to remind me of my own lovingness and to reinforce my wish that I am still interested in and capable of a Great Love, a Big Kind of Love. With the rose quartz I was thinking about how it is said that what you seek seeks you also.

And, of course, I added candles for the Light itself.

Solstice 2013 010

Here is a photo of the main candle in my solstice candlescape. The main candle is for the concepts of unity, merging, integration, and wholeness. It also stands for the Light that shines within in each of us — which acts as a constant sanctuary amidst the darkness. The candle reminds me hat Light is eternal, unending, and always available.

Solstice 2013 012

I chose to use a lot of red in this year’s candlescape. In this candlescape red is for solar fire and to remind me of the lengthening days, how there will be more and more sunlight as winter passes with each day, and that the sun is our brightest star.

Solstice 2013 014

I love how “planetary” this looks. We are all part of the stars, the planets, the very heavens. This view reminds me of that and how I must always honor my spirituality.

Light is always possible

Light is always possible

As I did my Solstice meditation, lighting the candles, and reflecting on the past year, I made a conscious effort to release all the darkness…negative thoughts, complaining, gossiping, frustration, people and places and things and events that are not for my higher good, relationships that no longer serve me in a healthy, positive way, and old ways of being that are not as conducive to personal growth and living a high quality life as they should be. I said a prayer to release all of that.

And then I said prayers for Light to always find me — to always feel a lightness in my heart, instead of a certain kind of melancholic heaviness. I wished for Light to also keep shining within me so that I could beam it out into the world. I asked to be reminded regularly that I am loved and to find daily opportunities to express my own love for others freely and joyously — to see and feel love everywhere and in everyday. I prayed to feel the depth and breadth of my spirituality, creativity, and heart to its fullest extent in the coming year, to be open to receiving, to feel and embody spiritual abundance, calm and serenity, and to Trust Life. I also reflected on doing what I need to responsibly do in order to have financial prosperity to serve my family, my community, and others around the world. And finally I meditated on the idea that Love Never Ends regardless of the circumstances and that there is room enough for me, and all of us, to love others in many different kinds of ways.

Solstice 2013 023

The Light is coming. And even in your darkest hour, in the midst of the shortest days of Winter, never forget that Light shines within you. I wish you a deeply meaningful Solstice season, that Light will always find you, and that your own Light will always shine as brightly as the stars above.

Remember: Light is always possible.

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