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The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom

This colorful and engaging e-book is 100% dedicated to the idea of you being you—only you— truly you–and no other you. It’s JAM-PACKED with 75 of my very best simple yet empowering affirmations gleaned from the Pinwheel Girl’s blog — coupled with beautiful photos — to help you live courageously and authentically.

The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom takes common everyday objects and uses them for inspiration and empowerment. The result is confident self-expression for YOU!

Plus power, creativity, and awakening to fund invigorating new ways of seeing and being. 

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Empower yourself AND ANOTHER WOMAN! Proceeds from each sale of The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom will be donated to women’s development programs at Heifer International.

Sample pages from The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom

Kendra has come up with a fantastic way of promoting uplifting and motivational ideas for EVERYONE to enjoy. Every time there is a message from the Pinwheel Girls, I know that it is something that I won’t want to miss. In addition to all the great things that Kendra does for everyone, she was there for me when I was going through my second bout of breast cancer. I can’t say enough positive things about the Pinwheel Girls and everything that they stand for! ~ Sue Baldwin, Author, Lighten Up and Live Longer

The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom, as well as encouraging and uplifting, makes me smile and nod my head, “Yes!” over and over again as I read the pages. The pages are full of words of “simple wisdom” (to use Kendra’s description) and has wonderful pictures to accompany her words.  To borrow Kendra’s own words from her blog title, her ebook does the same as her blog when it is “helping women be true to themselves.” Being true to ourselves is very important and something that survivors of childhood abuse often have to learn how to do. Kendra’s ebook is a book of affirmations that will help others to do just that – be true to themselves. ~ Patricia Singleton, Blogger, Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker (Click here to read the full review.)

Don’t forget about…

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight ~ Every Woman’s Journey Through Seven Stages of Transformation

Don’t want to be pinned down and stuck anymore? The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is a 258-page, soft-cover, inspirational book which assists women through seven stages of transformation as they experience profound personal change. Through fluid illustrations and over 100 empowering affirmations, the book tells the universal story of going inside ourselves, unfolding, surfacing, expanding, ascending, coming back down, and sharing our visions with others.  Encouraging women to listen to their inner voice, be true themselves, live the life they love and want, and pursue their dreams fearlessly, the book tells the story of Every Woman.

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is perfect for women who:
■ enjoy self-reflection
■ love the thrill of empowerment as they embark on something new
■ wish to achieve a deeply hidden or newly awakened dream
■ are in a transition, especially a painful or confusing one
■ want to make a change and seek inspiration for this
■ need recovery or want to reclaim parts of themselves
■ are facing illness, betrayal, divorce, empty nests or any type of loss
■ love the feminine spirit of strength, resolve, and freedom.





Featuring poetry, illustration, seven healing colors, and the reader’s own inner voice, The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight powerfully commuicates that women are free to dictate their own journey of forward, uninhibited movement.

Sample pages from The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight, click to enlargeSample pages from The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight, click to enlarge

Read an Excerpt ~ Click this file to view a sample chapter:  PWG

Purchase The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight from this website and get a FREE Pinwheel Girl journal, totebag or note card set!

An empowered woman is a gift to the world!


Praise for The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight

“I  found this wonderful book to be truly inspiring. The concept of the Pinwheel Girl holds so much truth; resonating with the desire to break free instead of feeling pinned down and stuck. Kendra Kett has written words with heart, wisdom and meaning. She encourages women to look inside ourselves, to view unexpected loss, hardship and chaos as a gift. I highly recommend this book for any woman who is feeling lost and searching for inspiration.” Melinda Hutchings, Author of “Why Can’t I Look the Way I Want? ~ Overcoming Eating Issues” Sydney, Australia

“I took a beautiful journey through the pages of this book. So much depth and beauty, yet a wonderful simplicity that is just magnificent. What a gift to experience.” Kayite Ashcraft, Author of “Awakening to the Extraordinary YOU” Richmond VA

“Kendra Kett’s Pinwheel Girls are a visually beautiful, poetic expression of life stages that every woman can relate to. The messages give women the support they need to live authentically which is ultimately the key to happiness!  I wholeheartedly recommend them to my coaching clients as crucial reminders that life is what you make it.” Elizabeth A. Grant, Certified Life Coach, Chicago IL

“I loved every page and how it related to the moment of my life when I needed to become stronger and take hold of the positive. Choose a page, any page, and you will be enlightened and feel that you can do anything you set your mind to. It’s positive, uplifting and the book I turn to when the day is not so great.” Cheryl Phillips, nationally renowned blogger, Providence RI

“This book is my POWER ANTHEM of the year. Kendra Kett takes women on an incredible journey of unfolding, reshaping, and healing for women. The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is a wonderful revelation of strength and weakness, encouragement and setbacks, substance and poise. In a candid series of short notes, Kendra reveals gradually, starting with “going inside to “sharing the vision,” the work that women must do in order to blossom into their own beautiful rose garden.” Kimyon Zari, Women’s Life Coach, Diamonaire Coaching, Indian Trail NC

“Kendra Kett’s wise words are loaded with inspiration and touch the core of any women going through transformation. The simple phrases combined with the fabulous art work will uplift you as you turn each page. It is a book that you will not put down and once you have completed it…you will return to it often!” Dabney Porte, Life Coach and Pre-Divorce Strategist, Baltimore MD



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