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“I love all my Pinwheel Girls stuff!  I’m really enjoying the the Digital Download book, The Pinwheel Girl’s Book of Simple Wisdom.  As you know, life isn’t exactly simple, but you put together something incredible!  The pictures, the ideas, the compassion — you really do have a heart as big as the sky.  You also have a gift which is quite unusual — your musical style of writing.  I’ve rarely come across writing that is carefully crafted to please the ear in a lyrical style.  I noticed it when I first started reading your blog. The way you choose words and string them together like notes, phrased in just such a way, it’s like magic.” Leslie Medberry, Berkeley CA

“Wow! The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is for every woman, no matter what stage of life you are in you will find guidance and inspiration throughout this book. I purchased the book not only for myself but for two girlfriends that are in a very transitional stage in their lives. They found strength and insight within the book in order to change their perception of their new life, new energy and new possibilities. I found my wind which in turn gave me strength. I would recommend this to any woman, young or old, for we all are pinwheel girls and need to have faith in our flight!” Kathy Kingston, Youth Program Administrator, Mesa AZ

“This is a beautiful, motivational book for females of all ages. Anyone who feels lost and wants to regain her “self” needs to read this book. Take the journey of self-discovery and insight with the Pinwheel Girls! Rely on this book as your touchstone and reminder that you are UNIQUE – be who you want and need to be.”Julie DeFalco, M.S.W., Teen Center Director, Schaumburg IL

“This book creates a platform for women to have, complete or start a transformation. The Pinwheel Girls will inspire and remind you why women are such a powerful force in the world. The artistic talent of Ms. Kett, in conveying her message, is compelling. Her ‘flight’ from jumping off of the stick and finding her way in the world is one we’ve all experienced. The tears, joy and laughter that can come from this book will assist in reflection and gratitude for life today, this moment. Enjoy!” Dawn Ellis, Corporate Operations Manager, Buffalo Grove IL

“I could not have received this book at a better time. My 13 year old son is on the severe end of the autism spectrum, and things were a little chaotic in our lives. I opened The Pinwheel Girls Take Flight, and I immediately felt understood and peaceful. Each simple phrase and drawing is uplifting and validating. Kendra Kett recognizes the beauty of all woman at the core of their being. Her art work and poetic phrases radiate love right from the core of hers. At whatever phase of transformation you may be experiencing, this book will warm your soul. Simply beautiful!” Tara McClintick, ECE Specialist, BooksbyTara, Mason OH

“There are times in every women’s life when change and transformation is necessary for complete happiness. Sometimes the issues result in very serious transformations and are obvious; other times, changes are only known to our inner selves. Whichever the case, The Pinwheel Girls illustrate the necessary process. Very beautifully written! All women need to go inside and observe , then take steps for liberation from the usual day to day drama and fear. Great book!” Joleen Patton, School Administrator, Quincy IL

“The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is a great read for any woman. We are all going through changes in our life, in one way or another. Divorce, menopause, new relationships, and this book offers guidance and inspiration for the many changes we go through. I pick this book up daily and each day something I read touches me, makes me think about the changes in my life and helps me to feel better about what is happening in my world. I recommend this book to all women of all ages.” Lillie Hobson Fuller, Stockton CA

“The Pinwheel Girls send very personal messages that tug at your heart, challenge your mind, soothe your soul and inspire you to enjoy your life’s journey where ever you are at. They are you!” Karla Berra, Corporate HR Director, Crystal Lake IL

“I remember the day when I reclaimed my self-esteem and emerged new much like the Pinwheel Girl. I strongly recommend this book for women everywhere who are looking to find themselves. Listen to the “Messages from the Wind!” Penny Zimmerman, Corporate Operations Manager, Elgin IL

“This is a book every woman needs. In fact carry it with you. Turning to any page will help you with whatever is happening at the moment. It will keep you turning the pages over and over again. Enjoy.” Carol Clark, Sarasota FL

Reading this book was a playful and thought provoking journey! It brought me on a personal voyage of past, current and hopefully future experiences. When I am having a difficult or challenging day or time in my life; this is a book that I will pick up to point me back in the right direction. I plan to share this with my 2 young girls as they grow and continue their own flights! Kathleen Healy, Child Care Center Director and Mother, Bartlet IL

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight reminds me of one of my favorite books, Desiderata. It’s simple, poignant and profound. And it’s supportive. It fills the soul, touches the heart, and speaks to every woman. It’s the story of transformation. No matter who you are, you will find yourself inside these pages. It’s a beautiful book to buy for every woman you love–starting with yourself! Robin Cook, Designer, Milford MI

I never knew that I was a pinwheel girl until I opened this book. The author drew the figures as anonymous women, so that we can all see ourselves in those drawings so it’s appropriate for all (even curvy guys I guess?). It’s just an easy book to pick up and read a few pages and then meditate and lose yourselves in your thoughts. At least that’s what happened to me. Great girlfriend gift or a gift to yourself to slow you down and clear the mind. It’s perfect for me right now trying to decide what my next phase in my life will be. Patti Pokorchak, Toronto, Canada

This book captures the many stages women encounter as they navigate through life’s uneven path. It helps you understand the power of your feelings and guides you through a “process” to enable you to regain your centeredness. Kellie Hardin, Corporate Marketing, Bartlet IL

An empowered woman is a gift to the world!

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is only $14.97.

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“The Pinwheel Girls can unleash the power of a woman’s potential in her career and long-held dreams if she heeds her inner voice. The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is a great tool for career coaches working with women who have ignored their dreams for too long.” Stephanie Peacocke, Certified Career & Life Transitions Coach, SRP Consulting, Gig Harbor WA

“Our clients struggle with their self-image and their place in the world. Overcoming the beliefs that they are worthless and unable to achieve anything is a major step toward them regaining control of their lives and realizing that they can change. Your time with the women was an excellent awakening for many of them, as they realized, or reaffirmed their own self-worth and potential…The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight and the Pinwheel Girl journal meant so much to the women and they really enjoyed discussing the messages and their impact with you…” Bruce Johnson, CEO, Nicasa/Women’s Services, Round Lake IL

“I love the Pinwheel Girls and the journey that they take you on and through. I feel, as I move through their phases and emotions, that they are telling my stories and believe that the true beauty of the Pinwheel Girls is how they reveal and embrace the ever changing flow of life as a woman. To celebrate where we’ve been and where we are going is a powerful thing!” Alison Smetana, Owner and Creator, be.ology, Northbrook IL

I adore this book! In my work as an executive coach, I help business women develop their own unique leadership skills and teach them how to stand tall in their own power. That power is not the stereotypical masculine energy power that is seen in most corporate organizations, but is power that is expansive, tailored to each individual and their own unique characteristics, and is inclusive. One of my main goals in life is to help women step into their own power with grace, strength and ease, but I also want to do the same for young girls and teenagers who are coming up into adulthood so they can chart a different path than what is currently showcased in the media. Girls need role models for empowered women – the author of Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight, Kendra Kett, is definitely such a role model, and her book is a safe and steady place for all females to embrace the fullness of who they are. It’s a wonderfully inspirational, compelling and authentic book. Evelyn T Brady, Certified Life Coach, Wyoming PA

Every page of The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is alive with compassion and rich with soulfulness. This book speaks with the voice of wisdom and beauty. Feminine wisdom is the intelligence at the heart of creation. This is truly a remarkable book that will nourish your heart and transform your spirit. This book helped me remember that women have an innate sense of spirituality, an ability to attune to the wisdom within themselves. I could go on extolling its virtues but it will do more good if every woman just takes my advice and reads it. Gena Livings – Lifestyle Modification Coach and Author of The Livings Key Principles

An empowered woman is a gift to the world!

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is only $14.97.

Buy now and get a FREE Pinwheel Girl journal, totebag or notecard set!