The Pinwheel Girl is Nude! Why is that?

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Anatomy of a Pinwheel Girl

Oftentimes I am asked why is the Pinwheel Girl nude and why doesn’t she have breasts? Where are her hands? Feet? Does she have a face? Despite some absent features, her anatomy is very recognizable and simple. You know instantly when you see her that she is female but there is a lot of symbolism to her form. When I created her, much of her outcome was serendipitous. It wasn’t until I started really pondering her detail and lack of detail that I realized how much was there in the void.

if you feel like you are dead, it's time to wake up

if you feel like you are dead, it's time to wake up

Pinwheel Girls are faceless so they represent Every Woman.

Besides, sometimes we feel faceless when we don’t recognize ourselves.

Their bodies are all similar, but some are more full, some more lithe, appealing to different shapes and sizes of women. Pinwheel Girls are feminine; they are round, with wide hips, full arms, and pubic hair, but no breasts. Sometimes women don’t have any breasts. And let’s face it, there is so much cultural emphasis on breasts today. I really wanted the Pinwheel Girl’s emphasis to be on her total energy, her messages from the wind, her quiet repose. Breasts would be a total distraction!

Some Pinwheel Girls have hands and some don’t because sometimes we lose our grasp. Some don’t have feet either because sometimes we lose our footing. But one leg is always grounded on nearly all of the Pinwheel Girls while the rest of her is fluidly moving. Even in motion, we should be connected to the Earth, but not stuck to it.

Some Pinwheel Girls take leap and fly. That is necessary, too, for a fully-lived life.

Some Pinwheel Girls have hair and some don’t. Mythically, hair is a sign of strength and everyone knows that when a woman changes her external appearance, such as her hairstyle, it is a sign of sometimes secret changes that are occurring within her or of impending changes that are on the way but have not yet arrived.

I'll meet you in the sky

Wisps of hair on the Pinwheel Girls sometimes look like cracks in her skull. That’s for all the times we have banged our head into the wall. Sometimes the Pinwheel Girls are bald. They know how it feels to be vulnerable without any hair.

Has someone ever said to you “What is the matter with you? Do you have a hole in your head?” Maybe you have even said to yourself “I must have had a hole in my head” when you realized that you did something you wished you hadn’t. The metaphor is a true one…we do have a hole in our head, albeit a mystical one. It is located at the top of our head, in our crown chakra, the 7th chakra. Its purpose is to allow the highest form of spiritual energy into or out of our bodies. See if you can find the hole in the Pinwheel Girl’s head. It sometimes looks like a lock of hair. The Pinwheel Girls want you to remember that you have a very important hole in your head…so that you can fill yourself up with all that you should.

The Pinwheel Girls are nude because that’s their natural way of being. You have to get under your own skin in order to heal, transform and empower yourself. You have to bare your soul, so to speak. You have to dare to look at yourself before you can transform.

you are larger than life ~ expanding, reaching, connecting

you are larger than life ~ expanding, reaching, connecting

When she jumps off the stick, she births herself. So, check out her belly button. That’s the nail hole. It’s a point and it makes a point. Think of it perhaps like this: The point that is made by every pen at the beginning of every written document or in every illustration, painting, or sketch is symbolic of all things to come. It is the beginning. When pen meets paper, it makes a point. And then the rest follows.

When the Pinwheel Girl jumps off the stick which has kept her stuck, and births herself, the point is made and the journey begins.

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2 Responses to “The Pinwheel Girl is Nude! Why is that?”
  1. Karla Berra says:

    I LOVE your new website! I am so impressed!!!! It really has a life of its own. I can feel the energy…thanks for sharing all you have learned and experienced through the Pinwheel Girl!

    • PWgirl says:

      Hi Karla! Thanks for taking the time to visit the site! I really appreciate that ~ Glad you can feel the energy of the Pinwheel Girl and her power symbol!! Keep flying with me — I’ll meet you in the sky!

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