The Unexpected is a Gift

July 18, 2012 by  

Last night I said to my 90-year-old mom “I never get any cardinals…” We were talking about birds and which kinds we are able to attract into our yards.

JUST NOW a bright red cardinal flew onto my deck and sat on the iron patio table. It seemed to look RIGHT AT ME through my kitchen window where I sit at my laptop and work, write, gaze, and dream. This is the first cardinal ever at this address that I have seen in the entire seven years I’ve lived here.

add color to your life

Native Americans believed that the cardinal represented renewed vitality through the process of recognizing our own worth and self-importance. Their bright color reminds us that “regardless of the time of day or year, we always have opportunity to renew our own vitality and recognize the importance of our own life roles.” Cardinals also have a loud, distinct whistle. Even the female cardinal joins in on the whistling which is unusual amongst birds. This symbolizes that we should heed the call of our inner feminine voice more closely for our health and overall well-being and assert our feminine creativity and intuition more strongly. The bright red of the cardinal adds color to the environment which means that we should do so also — the cardinal is a reminder to add color to our life and to remember that everything we do is of importance. (Source: Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews)

This sort of experience takes my breath away. It makes me feel so much gratitude for my life!

Do you have moments like this?
When you feel completely connected to EVERYTHING?

There are teachers everywhere…signs and symbols appear in our life to speak with us and guide us towards our best self.

The unexpected is a gift and the gifts are everywhere.

Be open to receiving.

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