The world needs your love.

July 6, 2012 by  

This week I was reminded once more how much we have to cultivate our compassion for others. There are some who we encounter who have a high need for control, others who desire no control at all and maybe should try a little harder to find some, some who are so rude and detached, others who want to share too much and always seemingly at the wrong time, dramatic ones and deadpan ones, those who repeat themselves incessantly, while others sit quietly by and you wonder what’s going on with them. There are the negative ones and the rose-colored glasses ones. Very few who fit just right.

Each one of them is frail in their own way, doing the best they can.

The world needs your love. Keep putting it out there.

Each one of them struggles mightily with their path and what is before them and behind them. Each one of them wants what we all want. To be loved, cherished and understood. To be listened to, cared about, smiled at, and looked forward to. Keep cultivating your compassion.

Love and compassion are empowerment’s greatest gifts.

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