Who is the Pinwheel Girl?

December 12, 2010 by  

ever present, always accessible, never ending

ever present, always accessible, never ending

The Pinwheel Girl
is never aggressive, always feminine
Never critical
Accepts life for what it is but dreams anyway
Is courageous and compassionate
Is not too hard on herself
Is encouraging
Moves forward and through
Is tolerant and accepting
Has wounds but is a learner
Gets stuck sometimes but perseveres

Cries and laughs
Dances and then stands still
Heals herself and others
Loves her body and herSelf
Is introspective but reaches out
Feels everything
Knows and releases pain

Ever present, always accessible, never ending
She knows ~ she just does
She learns through flashes of insight
She knows it’s so hard to pretend to be less 
She’s strong because she is so sensitive
She’s needed because she sees the unseen
She hears what isn’t said
She says don’t pretend to be less
Always be more

She is me. She is you. She is the sound of your own voice.

She is Every Woman.

Do you recognize her?

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