You Deserve Daily Doses of Joy and Beauty.

July 21, 2012 by  

Yesterday I was running around like crazy doing errands and fitting all kinds of tasks into a small amount of time — like I usually feel I must do. As I was driving around and crossing things off my list, I came across a dazzling GORGEOUS display of Spring tulips. They were so remarkable that I forced myself to pull over on the side of the road and take some photos.

The experience was so rewarding — a much needed respite from “trying to get things done” — I was reminded that empowerment is about giving ourselves permission to take time to find the joy and beauty in our every day lives and surroundings.

make time for joy everyday

Are you giving yourself permission to experience beauty and joy on a daily basis?  If not, it means you don’t believe you deserve to.
You must!

You deserve joy and beauty everyday.

Go for it.

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