Your dreams never abandon you

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Last night I was reminded of how we often make wishes and then we either abandon or forget about them but that the Universe is hard at work making them come true anyway.

Five years ago I made a wish that I would meet a television producer who would be able to help me create a documentary about one of my very favorite topics — and then out of frustration and lack of funds I gave up on my wish and moved on to other projects and ideas. Guess what happened by chance last night?? I met a television producer!! — Five years after making and abandoning my wish!

hold on to your dreams because they will come true

hold on to your dreams because they will come true

And we brainstormed my idea.

He told me all about how documentaries are produced, how you find sources and backers, how the interviewing is done, etc. And then he said that he could be the voice-over narrator.

So keep making those wishes and BELIEVE IN THEM. They will come true. Trust the Universe to work with you and for you, not against you.

Trust Life.

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